The most common question asked by someone calling about dentures is, how much do they cost? It always surprises me that this is all they want to know. You can find denture clinics that offer cheap dentures; some even boast same day service. However, how good can they be?

Dr. Holsen believes dentures are an important part of your oral health and contribute greatly to your overall well-being. Our dentures, whether they are conventional dentures, immediate dentures, implant dentures, or partial dentures are made to serve each individual patient for years to come.

Dr. Holsen has an on-site lab staffed by experienced lab technicians. The lab techs work side by side with Dr. Holsen and the patient during the process. Dr. Holsen is involved in your case from start to follow-up. All of our dentures/implants/partials are personalized by our patients and customized by our lab techs.

We have served people from all over the Easley area, including Greenville, Clemson-Seneca, Anderson, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Dr. Holsen has processed over 10,000 denturesall customized by our lab and personalized by our patients.

Traditional vs Premium Dentures

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Many people have questions regarding which treatment is best for themimplants, traditional dentures, partials, or immediate dentures. For these people we recommend a consult appointment. The nominal fee is waived if impressions are started the same day, but if you aren't sure and continue to have questions there is never a charge for a follow-up consult. We want to make sure you understand your treatment.

Dr. Holsen has given up asking his patients, "How do people like your dentures?" because the answer is always the same: "No one knows I have them."

Since 1991 we have strived to serve our patients. We have offered quality and affordable dentures, implants and partials. Dr. Holsen keeps current on the latest techniques but continues to maintain what has worked the best for his patients; individualized care.